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Solar Carport Mounting System Solar Carport Mounting System


Solar Carport Mounting System

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  • SP-SC-ZAM10001


ZAM Support Structure Advantages:
Corrosion Resistance:
ZAM material provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity and durability of the carport structure.
High Strength: ZAM alloy offers high strength, providing robust support for solar panels while maintaining stability.

Charging Station Installation:
Sustainable Energy Source:
Solar carports utilize clean and renewable solar energy, providing an eco-friendly power source for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.
Reduced Grid Dependency: By incorporating charging stations, solar carports contribute to reduced dependency on the traditional power grid.

LED Screen Advertising Potential:
Additional Revenue Stream:
Solar carports with integrated LED screens provide an opportunity for advertising, creating an additional revenue stream for businesses or municipalities.
Enhanced Visibility: LED screens can be used for dynamic advertisements, improving visibility and attracting attention to products, services, or public announcements.

Energy Independence:
On-Site Power Generation:
Solar carports enable on-site power generation, reducing reliance on external energy sources and promoting energy independence.
Resilience to Power Outages: The carport's solar energy system can provide a backup power source during grid outages, ensuring continuous operation.

Environmentally Friendly:
Carbon Footprint Reduction:
Solar carports contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by harnessing clean and sustainable solar energy for both vehicle charging and other electrical needs.
Green Building Practices: The use of solar energy aligns with green building practices, promoting environmentally conscious infrastructure development.

Aesthetic Integration:
Architectural Integration:
Solar carports can be designed to complement existing architecture or serve as aesthetically pleasing structures that enhance the overall visual appeal of a location.
Customization Options: Design flexibility allows for the customization of solar carports to suit specific aesthetic preferences or branding requirements.

Sustainable Transportation Support:
Encouragement of Electric Vehicles:
Solar carports encourage the adoption of electric vehicles by providing convenient charging infrastructure, supporting the growth of sustainable transportation.




ADD: F508Huachang Oriental Plaza11Renmin East Road.
TEL&FAX: 86-512-56885699
PHONE: 86-13501713771
E-MAIL: sinpo@sinpo-metal.com
WHATSAPP: 13501713771



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