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What Should The Weight Of PV Modules Be Controlled Within

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When the size and weight of PV modules increase within a certain range, the cost of manual handling and installation does become a decreasing trend. However, if beyond a certain range, the difficulty of manual installation will instead increase, which can easily lead to easy fatigue of workers or increase the rate of installation breakage.

When the width of the PV module is around 1m, the installer can grasp the module with both arms naturally open. When the width of the module is moderately increased to ~1.13m, two-person handling can still be achieved stably on flat terrain. However, the width of the assembly should not be further widened to avoid affecting the smoothness of handling.

The weight limit of single person frequent handling is roughly 20~25kg, and the weight limit of two people is not simply multiplied by 2, but need to consider the coefficient of 0.666, that is, the limit weight of two people handling is: 25kg×2×0.666=33.3kg<35kg

Therefore, the weight of components should be controlled within 33.3kg, and the maximum weight should not exceed 35kg. The weight of 72c-182 double-sided double-glass module is about 32kg, except for the undulating mountainous scenes where two people can successfully complete the long time handling and installation work, which can save the labor cost compared with the mainstream 72c-166 module.


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