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What Kind Of Roof Is Suitable For The Installation Of Solar Power System

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Generally speaking, flat roofs and sloped roofs are more suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

Flat Roof


  1. Photovoltaic arrays can be installed at the optimum angle on flat roofs to obtain maximum power generation.

  2. Flat roofs can play a role in heat insulation and cooling, which can generally reduce the temperature by 5~7 degrees.

  3. Installation of photovoltaic mounts based on concrete piers. Low investment cost.

Sloped Roof


  1. Solar Energy systems on sloped roofs are more aesthetically pleasing.

  2. The roof slope is large, the rainwater is easy to exclude, and the construction is simple and easy to repair.

  3. The installation of photovoltaic system on sloped roofs does not need to increase the height of the bracket and calculate the inclination angle. The installation can be laid according to the inclination angle of the roof itself, while the installed capacity is not affected by the area, and due to the slope, it also plays the effect of automatic cleaning of the power station.


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