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What Is The Difference Between Photovoltaic Glass And Oordinary Glass

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Photovoltaic glass belongs to the branch of glass manufacturing in the specific application of photovoltaic, is a technology and capital dual-intensive industry. At present, the industry's photovoltaic glass mainly uses the super white embossing process, which is quite different from the earlier calendered glass that does architectural decoration and has lower technical content.

CharacteristicsPhotovoltaic GlassOrdinary Glass
Iron ContentAbout 0.015%-0.02%Generally 0.2% or more
Visible Transmission Ratio

≧91.5%, ≧91.0% in the 300-2500nm spectral range (~3mm standard thickness)

About 88-89% of the same thickness
High Temperature ResistanceCan withstand surface temperatures above 500 ℃Around 80 ℃
Corrosion ResistanceIt is resistant to rainwater and harmful gases in the environment; it is resistant to cleaning by various cleaning agents and wiping by acid and alkali cleaning agents; its performance will not deteriorate seriously after long-term exposure to the atmosphere and sunlight.Not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, bad weather and harmful gases
Impact ResistanceToughened treatment, high strength, good impact resistanceWeak impact resistance


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