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The Three Most Important Factors Affecting Rooftop PV Revenue: Security, Shading, and Orientation

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With the development of technology, the installation cost of photovoltaic power generation system continues to decline. Nowadays, more and more people use their own roof to install solar photovoltaic power generation system. However, what people are most concerned about is how much revenue can be generated by investing in a home PV power system. Therefore, this article will focus on three important factors that affect the income of rooftop PV.

Many users who have installed home photovoltaic power generation system reflect that the power generation effect is not good, and the ideal efficiency gap is large. Some people speculate whether the installation angle of photovoltaic panels is not in the best angle of inclination caused? For example, in Shanghai, latitude 31 degrees, and the company installed the photovoltaic panel tilt angle of only 23 degrees, and the theoretical best angle difference of about 10 degrees, which will not cause a significant reduction in power generation efficiency?

In fact, the tilt angle of home PV power generation is not the only factor that determines the power generation efficiency of PV systems. The so-called best tilt angle, narrowly speaking, is the angle of the photovoltaic panels to receive the maximum amount of solar radiation, it is only one of the factors affecting the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation. Not to mention that the best tilt angle is originally a dynamic value, single family PV power system installation environment is very different, even if you are all installed according to the best tilt angle, the return will be very different.

Optimal Tilt Angle For Photovoltaic Power Generation

Home PV tilt angle has an effect on the power generation efficiency, but, in general, this effect is negligible. In the process of installation, the installation company will take into account, and finally choose a suitable angle installation to install solar photovoltaic systems. Take Shanghai PV power generation, for example, Shanghai 31 degrees north latitude, using simulation software to calculate the efficiency loss of 5 degrees, 15 degrees, 25 degrees, 30 degrees, 40 degrees, respectively, 3.6%, 0.8%, 0, 0.5%, 2.7%. From the data, it can be seen that Shanghai PV panel installation inclination angle of 15 degrees to 35 degrees is possible. However, if 50% of the site area is wasted for the sake of fighting for 0.5% efficiency, the return decreases instead.

So exactly what other factors can have a large impact on earnings? Here are these three factors that are easily overlooked.


At all times, the importance of safety production is ranked before efficiency.

1. Unreasonable design, such as the pursuit of the best tilt angle, take more than 30 degrees angle installation, then 10 meters long photovoltaic array, the height of the bracket will reach 6 meters, which has high requirements for the roof building structure and steel frame structure, roof photovoltaic power station collapse events have occurred.

2. Did not consider the later maintenance, many family photovoltaic power generation photovoltaic panels spread across the entire roof, some have to float out some, just like buying a house, as much as possible to take up area. I do not know that the late cleaning and maintenance simply can not be carried out.


A small amount of virtual shade will not cause a big impact, but close real shade, even a little bit, may cause a 10% loss or even damage to PV power generation devices, which directly leads to a decrease in revenue.


Home photovoltaic power generation is generally dependent on the house building installation of photovoltaic panels, therefore, home photovoltaic power generation if the focus on revenue, it is not recommended that the east, west, north installation of photovoltaic panels, south or deviation of about 15 degrees orientation installation of photovoltaic panels is appropriate.

Conclusion: According to the actual situation, the reasonable design of photovoltaic power generation system can achieve the maximum benefit.


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