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South Korea Will Build Large-Scale Photovoltaic Facilities Around the Railway

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On March 24, South Korea ' s Ministry of Land and Transportation, Seoul City and South Korea Railway Commune signed the ' Solar Railroad Green New Deal Cooperation Project ' agreement in Seoul City Hall, intending to build large-scale photovoltaic power generation facilities in Seoul Station and other major railway facilities, and use the railway to create ' Green New Deal '.

Before the end of next year, the Korean government will build a total of 25 MW solar power generation facilities in 13 railway vehicle bases, stations, car parks and other places. After the completion of this facility, it is expected to generate 32 million degrees of electricity per year for about 10,000 households, and achieve the same carbon emission reduction effect as planting 2.2 million pine trees per year. In addition, the Ministry of Lands and the Railway Corporation plan to start with this cooperation and establish a cooperative system with local self-government groups, power companies and other relevant institutions. Solar power in the rail sector is expected to expand to 456 megawatts by 2030.


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