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South American Photovoltaic Installation Prospects

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  South America is rich in sunlight resources, which is very suitable for photovoltaic development. Chile and Brazil are currently the two GW-level markets. This article is a simple analysis of their respective advantages.

Global Horizontal Irradiation of Latin America

1.Chile: the best light resources, a good policy environment a distributed market with huge potential

  Chile has become a popular market for renewable energy investment due to its low labor prices, abundant sunlight resources and a good financing environment.

Global Horizontal Irradiation of Chile

  Chile has a target to generate 20% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025. This target was established in 2013 by Law 20698, better known as “Law 20/25,” and updated a previous target of 10% renewable electricity by 2024.(Origin:IRENA)

Advantages of solar development in Chile

  Chile is a very open country and the first Latin American country to sign a free trade agreement with China. Therefore, 97% of Chinese products are exported to Chile without tariffs. At the same time, the country's policy to encourage the development of photovoltaics has also greatly driven the development of photovoltaics in Chile.

  The northern part of Chile is the area with the highest sunshine intensity and abundant light resources, so it has many potential customers.

2.Brazil: South America's leading economy

  Brazil is an energy-independent economy. Renewable energy has played a leading role in economic growth. Expanding renewable energy will not drive Brazil’s economic growth and curb environmental degradation. It is also an important means for Brazil to improve its national competitiveness.

  In December 2015, the Brazilian government passed the "Ten Year Energy Plan" (PDE), which set a target of 8.7GW of photovoltaic installations.This business has a large scale of financing and a wide range of coverage, and it is bound to introduce foreign capital.

Brazil Photovoltaic Installation Area Analysis

Brazil Map

  Northeast Brazil has the highest population density, not only has Brazil's best light resources, but also has a relatively developed economy. Therefore, this area has a large demand for electricity. At the same time, the northeast has significant environmental advantages, without hurricanes, earthquakes, and ocean corrosion. The above advantages can reduce the cost of photovoltaic installation.

  Southeast is the most industrially developed region in Brazil. This region has famous cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Minas Gerais, accounting for 55.4% of Brazil's total GDP.Therefore, you can focus on the photovoltaic installation on the roof of the factory buildings.


  In short, whether in terms of solar resources or policy factors, the photovoltaic market in South America is very large and promising. Photovoltaic installers should seize the opportunity to expand the South American market.


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