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Seven Global Tracking Bracket Brands Have Announced 210 Suitability Statements

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Recently, seven leading manufacturers of photovoltaic tracking brackets in the world, namely, Array Technologies, GameChange Solar, IDEEMATEC, Nextracker, PVH, Soltec, and TrinaSolar, have successively issued certification statements that fully adapt to 210 ultra-high power components.This is another comprehensive upgrade in the field of global scaffolding, which has strongly promoted the industrial chain cooperation of the whole photovoltaic industry, and accelerated the decline of electricity costs, entered the era of evaluation of Internet access, improved system efficiency, and created greater value for customers.

Company Name

Brand/Product Type

Compatible Component ModelTime to Market
Array Technologies Inc.DuraTrack HZ v3210Q1, 2021
IDEEMATEC Deutschland GmbHH4PLUSTM210Q3, 2020
Nextracker Inc.Nextracker210Q4, 2020
PV HARDWARE SOLUTIONS, S.L.UIndependent row: MonolineTM (all its versions 1v,3H and 2V);Multi-row: AxoneTM, Axone DuoTM210Q1, 2021
TrinaSolarVanguardTM/AgileTM210Q2, 2020

The adaptation of tracking bracket products to 210 components shows the recognition of high value of 210 component products by global leading tracking bracket enterprises, and the support in all-round cooperation and joint promotion of global photovoltaic parity applications. Adapting to ultra-high power 210 components will also enhance the value of tracking support in system integration and achieve cost reduction and efficiency in various application scenarios.The components with low voltage and high current can realize the design of long series, so as to reduce the number of series, reduce the cost of PV DC cable and the corresponding bus installation, and then reduce the cost of power generation, highlighting the advantages of high power generation income and low system cost of 210 ultra high power components.In addition, 210 high power components help to reduce the number of components, thereby saving installation costs and speeding up engineering progress ; And significantly reduce the number of connectors in the array, reduce mismatch losses.

As an important part of the photovoltaic industry chain, inverters and tracking scaffolds are now entering the 210 era in an all-round way, with more seamless coordination, more complete industrial ecology and more significant customer value.


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