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Introduction of Different Types of Roof Mounted Distributed Photovoltaic Power Stations

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 Installing distributed photovoltaic on the roof has the function of heat insulation and waterproof.In the long run, solar power can also generate revenue and save electricity costs.So how is the roof distributed photovoltaic installation generally? Will it have an adverse effect on the roof after installation? This article will answer these doubts.

Concrete Roof

  The cement flat roof is one of the most common roofs for residents, units, and factory buildings. However, regardless of the scale, the installation method of the solar system is the same.

Installation methodes

  Concrete roofs generally use concrete counterweights as the foundation. The bottom of the counterweight is waterproof and fixed with cement slurry.This installation method uses the weight of the counterweight itself to stabilize the photovoltaic support, and does not need to drill the roof, so it will not damage the original structure of the roof.


(Square Foundation,picture from the Internet)


(Strip Foundation,picture from the Internet)

Tile Roof

  A tile roof is generally the roof of a family house. Although there are many types of tile structures, the basic installation process is the same. Stainless steel hooks are required for tile roof photovoltaic systems.


(Tile Roof,picture from the Internet)

Installation methodes

1 Fix roof hook on to the wooden beam with wood screw. Generally, three wood screws are enough.

2 Fix the aluminium rail to the roof hook with T-head bolt and flange nut.

3 Fasten the hex bolt when the module clamps and PV modules are located.

Color Steel Tile Roof

  Color steel tile roofs are generally factory roofs, which can generally be divided into galloping type color steel tile, vertical seam type color steel tile and trapezoidal color steel tile.

Galloping Type Color Steel Tile Istallation Methodes


(picture from the Internet)

Vertical Seam Type Color Steel Tile Istallation Methodes


(picture from the Internet)

Trapezoidal Color Steel Tile Istallation Methodes


(picture from the Internet)


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