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Installation Methods of Different Types of Roof Photovoltaic Support

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  Photovoltaic support is a special support designed for placing, installing and fixing the solar panel in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. General materials are aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel. In the specific installation process, the appropriate installation method should be selected according to different types of roof.

Cement Concrete Roof


1.Cast in place cement foundation

Advantages:Combined with the roof, the foundation is firm and the cement consumption is small.

Disadvantages:The reinforcement shall be embedded in the roof of the building in advance, or the cement foundation and the roof shall be connected by expansion screws. This is easy to damage the waterproof layer of the roof, which is easy to leak after a long time.

2.Prepare the cement foundation in advance

  The annual average wind speed and wind direction in different seasons of the project site should be accurately counted to calculate the positive and negative wind pressure. Then the counterweight of cement foundation is converted by wind pressure. Cement briquettes with the same size are pre processed and then transported to the site for installation.

Metal Roof


  Color steel tile is generally used in buildings with light steel structure, such as workshops and warehouses. Light steel structure building uses a very light weight of color steel tile as the roof, span can be done very large. Solar modules are very suitable for large-scale laying.

  The color steel tile is made of thin metal plate wrapped with foam board, and can not be fixed by traditional method. Special "clamp" is needed. The clamp will not damage the original structure, and will not lead to roof leakage or overall structure damage.

  From the bearing point of view: if the installation is carried out according to the best angle, more supports are needed, which will increase the weight of the roof.

  From the safety point of view: according to the best angle of installation, the components can not be parallel to the roof. When the wind blows, extra wind pressure will be generated, which will cause potential safety hazard.

 To sum up, the components can only be tiled on the colored steel tile roof.

Tile Roof


  This refers to the sloping roof with concrete under the tile surface. The installation method is generally as follows:

  • uncovering tiles

  • insert expansion screws into concrete

  • install hook transfer

  • put the tile back

  Special attention should be paid to the thickness of the concrete, so as not to damage the waterproof structure of the roof.

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