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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Home Solar System

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LN-150 Home Solar Power Generation System

Solar Products

150 W Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel

200Ah Maintenance-Free Battery

Control Inverter and Corresponding Distribution Box

Solar Bracket

Sunny Day

Daily Power Generation is Greater Than 600WH

Four 9-watt Ordinary Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

A 25-inch Color TV Working 5-6 Hours Per Day

Other 220 VAC Loads

Cloudy Day

Three Consecutive Rainy Days Are Guaranteed To Work Properly


1468.92 USD

Comparison of Economic Benefits of Home Solar System

NamePowerInitial Investment5-6 Hours Per Day Diesel FeeThe Number of Users (Four 9-Watt Energy-Saving Lamps, A 25-Inch Color TV) Warranty(Year)MaintenanceCost Per Day Per Home
Diesel Generator12hp
459.15 USD3.37 USD12376.53 USD/Year0.33 USD
Solar Power System150W1468.92 USD-12048.98 USD/Year0.3 USD

Benefits of Home Solar System

One investment for long-term benefits

No need for personnel care during operation

No noise

No pollution


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