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Five Types of Foundation for Photovoltaic Support

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  Reasonable photovoltaic support structure can improve the wind and snow load resistance of the system. This article introduces the types and characteristics of ground photovoltaic support and flat roof photovoltaic support.

Ground Photovoltaic Support

bored pile foundation

  It is easy to form holes, the top elevation is easy to control, the amount of concrete reinforcement is small, the amount of excavation is small, the construction is fast, and the damage to the original vegetation is small.

  It is suitable for general fill, cohesive soil, silt, sand, etc.

steel spiral foundation

  It is easy to form holes and is not affected by groundwater. The construction is fast and the elevation is flexible under winter climate conditions. The damage to the natural environment and the original vegetation is very small.

  It is suitable for desert, grassland, beach, wall, frozen soil, etc. However, the steel used is larger, and it is not suitable for strong corrosive foundation and rock foundation.

precast pile foundation

  The prestressed concrete pipe pile with diameter of about 300mm or square pile with section size of 200 * 200 is driven into the soil. The top reserved steel plate or bolt is connected with the front and rear columns of the upper support, with a depth of less than 3m generally, and the construction is relatively simple and quick.

Flat Roof Photovoltaic Support

cement counterweight method

  The concrete pier is poured in the cement roof.

  Stable, does not damage the roof waterproof.

precast cement counterweight

  Compared with the production of cement pier, it saves time and cement embedded parts.


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