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Color Steel Tile Roof Photovoltaic Bracket Installation Engineering Guide Book

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Preparation Before Installation

  • Set up unloading platforms and personnel walkways at the corresponding positions of each factory building.

  • Lay bulk material channels on the roof to avoid damage to the roof.

  • Clean up the roof drainage system.

  • Check the roof before construction. If it does not conform to the design, adjust it according to the design.

  • According to the design drawings, calculate the usage of bracket guide rails, accessories and components in each area, and load materials in batches according to the number of areas and the construction process.

  • Check whether the bracket and component packaging are damaged or deformed.

  • Transport the brackets and components to the roof according to the amount of each area.

Bracket and Module Installation

1.Bracket Installation

  • According to the drawings, first locate and release the line (the color steel tile roof is mainly the positioning of the clamp).

  • Install the guide rail (pay attention to the distance between the fixture and the guide rail when installing)

  • After completing the installation of a set of brackets, accurately check the position of the brackets (the distance between the front and rear rows, the distance from the wall, etc.).

  • When installing the support columns, beams and guide rails, do not fully tighten the bolts at one time. All the bolts should be tightened after the support is fully leveled.

2.Module Installation

Check the components after unpacking

After unpacking, check whether the components are damaged.

PV module installation

a.solar panel installation

b.fixed battery board

c.wiring the battery board

d.matrix wiring

3.Grounding of the rail

The guide rails of each module square must be grounded with flat steel, fastened by bolts, and connected to the grounding system in the factory.

Color Steel Tile Roof Structure

Color steel tile roofs are mainly divided into the following three types:




Key Points of Installation

1.position of brackets and roof ridges and roof panels


the photovoltaic support keel should be perpendicular to the roof panel


the photovoltaic support keel should be perpendicular to the roof slope to reduce the sliding force

2.Arrangement of component length and width

  When installing, determine the length and width of the components according to the roof area. The long side of the component is perpendicular to the keel to reduce the cost of the bracket.

3.Load of color steel tile roof

  Generally, the weight of photovoltaic power generation equipment installed on the steel structure factory building will increase by 15 kg per square meter.


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