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Basic Knowledge of Photovoltaic Support

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  Photovoltaic support is an important part of photovoltaic power station. Therefore, the selection of support directly affects the operation safety, damage rate and investment income of photovoltaic modules.

Photovoltaic support can be divided into :

1.aluminum alloy support

2.steel support 

3.non-metallic support (flexible support) 

Aluminum Alloy Support

Aluminum Alloy Support

  • natural corrosion resistance

  • galvanic corrosion resistance

  • balanced voltage

  • easily shaping

  • easy recirculation

  • easy processing

  • low temperature resistant

Steel Support

  •  long service life, more than 15 years

  • high strength

  • beautiful appearance

Non-metallic Support

  • wide applicability

  • flexible in use

  • security

  • economy of perfect secondary use of land

  Photovoltaic support is one of the key construction, its installation quality directly affects the safety and stability of construction. Therefore, it is particularly important to select reliable photovoltaic support manufacturers. 

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