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Australia Will Impose a Solar Tax on Rooftop Photovoltaics

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The Australian Energy Market Commission recently introduced a controversial new rule that millions of Australian households could soon be taxed on additional ' solar taxes ' for selling solar energy to the grid.

Solar Tax Networks able to charge households to export solar power to grid

In the new rules, AEMC proposes to impose a 2 cents / kWh tax on solar power at noon. AEMC says that tax will send ' price signal ', which helps to reduce grid congestion and encourage more families to install battery storage equipment. In 2020, about 33000 Australian households installed battery storage, but Tesla Powerwall2 installation costs more than $ 14,000, which cannot generate investment returns for families.

At present, some solar advocacy groups are strongly opposed to any solar tax, arguing that the grid can receive substantial returns through existing grid tariffs. Before the final ruling is made in June, AMEC will seek feedback on its proposal before May 13.


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