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Is the Bigger the PV Module, the Better?

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PV Module

                                     The time of par value photovoltaics

                                     Large size photovoltaic products

                                     Gradually becoming the focus of users

                                     In the view of some people

                                     Who don't know the facts

                                     The larger the module size

                                     Its value gain must also be growing

                                     But is that true?

       Solar Panel

On the premise of reliability and safety

Increasing the size of components reasonably

Can effectively improve product power, and reduce photovoltaic cost

At the same time, we need to recognize a cognitive misunderstanding - -

An ultra-high-value photovoltaic module, not the bigger the better

What market terminals need

has always been a ' double excellent ' product with both quality and value


*When the income growth is nearly zero, 

the risk coefficient will rise sharply by blindly increasing the module size.

What kind of module size

is the optimal choice of power station ?

And,what harm will too large module size bring to users ?


Photovoltaic modules are shipped around the world mainly through containers.

Horizontal vertical packing

is a mature and reliable packing method in industry.

Standard module dimensions,

are based on international container dimensions.

Taking into account the hidden crack, damage and other risks in transportation,

the boundary conditions are calculated.

Horizontal vertical packing


①Too large size will cause quality risks 

such as hidden crack and breakage of components during transportation.

②If transverse / vertical packing,

It will cause space waste or lodging risk after disassembly.


According to the best ergonomics design

The best width of the component

is the distance from the natural expansion of both hands to the comfort

of both sides of the component



①Module size design needs to consider whether the handling is easy and convenient, safe and reliable.

②Excessive size can lead to the risk of dumping due to the instability of hand grip center of gravity during handling.


Module size affected by many factors,

Excessive size will cause risks such as hot spots of modules.

heat spot

Excessive size 

will also bring challenges and risks to the load capacity of the module support.


At the same time, 

the module surface resistance is also reduced.

The size is too large, 

the modules in the sand and other external force, 

glass is more fragile.


"Big≠Good Quality"

In extreme weather conditions, 

its long-term reliability also needs time verification.


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