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L-Feet Metal Roof Solar Panel Mounting System L-Feet Metal Roof Solar Panel Mounting System


L-Feet Metal Roof Solar Panel Mounting System

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  • According to customers' requirement

  • NO MOQ

  • Aluminum Alloy/6063-T5/6005-T5



The characteristic of this bracket is that the guide rail is equipped with longitudinal grooves and horizontal grooves,The longitudinal groove built-in sliding block is fixedly connected with the L-shaped pressure plate through bolt fasteners, and the horizontal groove built-in sliding block is fastened with the L-shaped foot through bolt fasteners. The inverted edges provided in the notches of the longitudinal groove and the transverse groove are consistent with the shapes of the ribs on both sides of the built-in slider. The connecting surfaces of the guide rail and the L-shaped foot are respectively provided with sawtooth shapes that match each other. The advantages of the utility model are: 1) The convex ribs on the sliding block are consistent with the inverted edges placed on the grooves on both sides of the longitudinal groove or the transverse groove of the guide rail, and have a self-locking effect after being fastened with bolts. When the photovoltaic panel is subjected to lateral force, the slider will not disengage due to the deformation of the guide rail; 2) The zigzag structure of the connecting surface of the guide rail and the L-shaped foot can prevent the relative sliding of the position of the guide rail.

Technical Parameters

Installation Site According to customers' requirement
Installation Angle According to customers' requirement
Wind Load 40M/S
Solar Panel Type A frame or frameless
Solar Panel Size Any
Rail Aluminum Alloy
Meterial 6063-T5/6005-T5
Installation Height According to customers' requirement
Snow Load 1.4KN/m2
Module Array Horizontal or vertical
International Standard Meet the AS/NZS1170 and other international standards
Wattanty >=25Y

L-Feet Metal Roof  1KW Materials List

Rail 4.2M 2 AL6063-T5
Mid Clamp 30-47-60 6 AL6063-T5
End Clamp W40-60-16 4 AL6063-T5
10 AL6063-T5
T-bolt M8*25 10 Carbon Steel
Tapping Screw M6.3*63 10 Carbon Steel

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ADD: F508Huachang Oriental Plaza11Renmin East Road.
TEL&FAX: 86-512-56885699
PHONE: 86-13501713771
E-MAIL: sinpo@sinpo-metal.com
WHATSAPP: 13501713771



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