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Aluminum Clamp For Metal Roof Solar Panel Mounting System

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  • Aluminum Alloy/6063-T5/6005-T5


Regarding the installation of the metal roof solar system bracket, we use light steel keel or aluminum alloy track to make it no longer need on-site processing and can be installed quickly and conveniently through exclusive fixture and track connection technology. In order to adapt the solar panels to different roofs, we specially designed different clamps to make the connection between the track and the color steel tiles more tightly and stable.

Flat roof 1KW material list

no. name size(mm) diagram qty material
1 clamp as required 

图片 1

3 Q235
2 rail 40*40/40*30

图片 2

3 Q235
3 rail joiner

图片 3

3 Q235
4 mid clamp 30-47-60

图片 4

4 Q235
5 end clamp 40-60-16

图片 5

6 Q235
6 hexagon screw M8*25

图片 6

6 Q235
7 T BOLT M8*25

图片 6

2 Q235
8 T BOLT M8*35

图片 6

6 6063-T5

Installation Steps

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


ADD: F508Huachang Oriental Plaza11Renmin East Road.
TEL&FAX: 86-512-56885699
PHONE: 86-13501713771
E-MAIL: sinpo@sinpo-metal.com
WHATSAPP: 13501713771


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